Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Monday, July 4, 2016

Honolulu Altered Books Group May2016 & June 2016


  We would like to wish everybody a very happy 4th of July.
This edition of the Honolulu Altered Books Group blog features
two months of wonderful art work created by our talented group of altered book artists. As we get further along in this round robin, we are beginning to learn about each other's style, techniques, humor, as well as personal stories as we share them with each other in our artwork.
   We want to thank Deb Z for providing us a place to have our meetings. Please stop by her shop or visit her web site for her wonderful Hawaii creations.

"The artist is a receptacle for emotions
that come from all over the place: from
the sky, from the earth, from the scrap of
paper, from a passing shape, from a
spider's web."
Pablo Picasso

May 2016

Sue's "What Bugs You" layout is about her
dislike of the dreaded vampire mosquito. 

Debbie's "Wacky World of Oxymorons" spread
is no picnic. Or is it?

May I please have some plastic silverware??

Carolyn's "Below, Above and by the Sea" starts
with a single blue line...

... and a pop-up pirate ship ...

..and out of the depths, a hungry shark pops up!

Pat's "How Old Would You Be Today If You
Didn't Know Your Real Age", visits the
year 1976.

How bout a new hairstyle?

And a little rock and roll!

Dee's "Rare bird"
The graceful firebird dancer.

Sandra's Tea bag inspired "Bag it up" layout.

Misty's "Bell Epoque to Art Deco, the First
40 Years of Fashion in the 20th Century", explored
a period of a settled and comfortable life.

Rosemary's "I Love..." spread shows us the
things she loves the most.

Sophia's "Grow" displays her seeds of imagination.

Just add water.

Kim & Kehau's "T is for Technique layout.
Who, Who, Who, would have guessed
they would sew up an owl. 

Hope pays homage to Prince in her "Negative
and Positive spaces" layout.

Pam's "Comfort Food Diaries" layout shares
a holiday cookie recipe with us.

Su shares with us her "The beauty of Imperfection and impermanence spread. Wabi= a kind of perfect beauty that
is paradoxically caused by just the right kind of imperfection.

Sabi = a kind of beauty that can only come with age.

Anna's "Before I Die" spread she tells us
she wants to live care free and drink
tea in Japan.

Amy describes her inspirations for
the "Harmonious Creations" book.

Amy used turmeric, curry, and paprika to paint the sun.
She also used coffee grounds tea and beets to create this art.

Marcy's "Day of The Dead Poets Society" visits

She applied some Day of the Dead makeup on vellum.
Me thinks the look is divine.

Darrell used Art Carney, Art Garfunkel, Art Linkletter and
Art Bell to speak his "Words of Art".

Wit and wisdom

June 2016

 "T is for Technique.
Hope incorporated black gesso, molding paste,
die cuts, tea bags as well as a multitude of paints
and inks to create a colorful, textured masterpiece.

Pam's "Negative and Positive Spaces"

In Su's "Comfort Food Diaries" spread, she shares her
memories of seeking out Dim Sum in New York with her dad.

Anna's "The Beauty of Imperfection and Impermanence"

She explores the cycle of growth and decay

using a found snake skin sealed in Plexiglas.

Amy's "Before I Die" layout. Here she
dreams of traveling to France.

Seeing the country from a train window...

...while drinking champagne through a straw.

Inspiring tags.

Words of wisdom.

Marcy's "Harmonious Creations" spread was inspired
by a stack of Somerset magazines.
She reminds us to sing creatively...

...and to tweet harmoniously.

Darrell celebrates 50 years of the Grateful Dead in the
"Day of the Dead Poets Society" book.

Keep on truckin' and put a deadhead sticker
on your Cadillac.

A poem written by Phil Lesh, the Dead's bass player.

Sue's "A Word of Art" metamorphosis.
The bear represents a change in our world after
we destroyed it. It represents change and hope.

Debbie's "What Bugs You" spread is about
her aversion to the little creepy crawly critters.

BUGS, BUGS, and more BUGS!

Carolyn's "Wacky World of Oxymorons"
With the upcoming elections fast approaching,
she explores which is the lesser evil.

Dee's "How Old Would You Be Today if You Didn't
Know Your Real Age"? takes us back to 1954 where
she spent her time watching movie classics in her parent's
movie theater.

She also liked going to the library. And making and playing
with paper dolls.

Sandra's "Rare Bird" spread visits steampunk.

A steampunk pop-up bird.

A rare bird indeed.

Misty went bag crazy in her "Bag It UP' spread.

How many ways can you....

...bag it up?

Kim and Kehau share their family recipe for beef
stew in the "Comfort Food Diaries" book.
They enjoy all sitting at one table sharing stories and laughter.

Rosemary gives us her take on "The Beauty of
Imperfection and Impermanence".

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