Round Robin #12

Round Robin #12

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Honolulu Altered Books Group April 2019 blog

  We had a great Honolulu Altered Books Group meeting this month. We are seeing some amazing art already and look forward to seeing what awaits us in the coming months.
 Please enjoy the art.

is the most
intense mode of
individualism that the
world has known
-Oscar Wilde

Debbie's "Colorful Life of
Black and White Birds"

Every bird needs a place to nest!

"Which way should I fly next?"

Anna's "Translucence"
layout featuring these 
magnolia skeleton leaves.

Here she experimented with 
a soldering iron to create this effect.

Some tissue paper art.

A tie-in piece including a violet plucked
from her garden.

Hope's "Soul" interpretation 

an original Haiku and cosmic dust!

Sherry's "Spirit Soul and Body"

Pam's layout features color, music and art
 in "You're the Music Star, 
Create your own Concert Poster." 

Darrell's  "Art of Seeing" layout

The text on this page  started off with the words
"Life as the camera sees it".  I added
some tongue and cheek photos I have taken
over the years.

Su's "Obsession by You Tube" spread.

Ted Talks.

Sophia's "Happier Everyday"

She loves to explore her guilty pleasures by
following the 1% of the beautiful people:
"It's a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want
to live there."

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Honolulu Altered Books Group 12th Round Robin


 Welcome to the 12th Honolulu Altered Books Group  round robin.
We have been lucky to have been involved with these wonderful artists for 16 years now. This post explores the themes of the books
that were picked by the artist for the round robin. Each month the books get rotated through the group at which time the next artist creates art based on their interpretation of the theme.
  Please enjoy!

Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life's
coming attractions.
- Albert Einstein 

Anna's theme is "The Colorful
Life of Black and White Birds".

Hope's theme is "Translucent-use Translucent/
Transparent Paper, Fabric, Etc."

Sherry's theme is "Spirit, Soul & Body
Quotes and Thoughts".

Sophia's theme is "Obsession by You Tube".

Pam's theme is "soul".

Use a magazine page and add a image to it.
Then share your soul on the adjoining page.

Darrell's theme is " You're the Music Star.
(Pick your Genres)
Create your own Concert Poster". 

Debbie's theme is "Happier Everyday".

 Su's theme is "Art of Seeing.
Different Perspectives, Abstract Ions, Perceptions, 
Imaginings, Celebrate what your eyes see).

Friday, October 19, 2018

Honolulu Altered Books Group October 2018

  Well, its almost time for the holiday season to start. In just a couple of weeks we will have goblins and ghosts.  Three weeks after that we'll have gobbles of turkey and thankfulness to toast.
It also means that we only have one more round left in this round robin. Time sure flies when you're having fun, and what a fun round this has been.
   Please enjoy this month's art.

 "Magic is really very simple, all you've
got to do is want something and let
yourself have it."
- Aggie Cromwell

Debbie "arts" her life by being surrounded 
by music, nature & art in the "How
Do You Art Your Life" book.

Carolyn created a school of unique
fish for the "Fishy, Fishy" book.

Rosemary goes all Shimmy, Shimmy Coco Pop on us 
in her "Life Is Full of Ups and Downs, Along With A Few Corkscrews" book.

Clap if you like coastering!

Kim & Keahau's "Festivus" holiday
is Pumpkin Day.

October is the season of the pumpkin!

Alessandra's "Swatches" pages is filled
with some beautiful fabric Swatches 
from around the world.

Hope uses some of her favorite
stencils and techniques in her
"Favorites" pages.

Planning ahead?

Travel, subway stops, good eats.

Anticipation of the trip... plan ahead
and then treasure the moments you
live to embrace.

Pam's "Exploration and Discovery" page explores
new uses for her old art supplies.

Su's "Diary of Madame Blue" pages are inspired 
by graffiti and the artist Bensky. 

It was never meant to be displayed or sold!

In Marcy's "Last Words," she is fearless
(and a mermaid in disguise).

Darrell's "Personal Dreamtime"
follows the vain of creativity based
on Aboriginal beliefs. 

Anna awarded herself "Culture Expert"
in the "Merit Badge" book.

Anna also submitted her "Personal Dreamtime"
layout...lovely watercolors and butterflies.