Round Robin #10

Round Robin #10

Monday, March 28, 2016

Honolulu Altered Books Group March 2016

  I hope you all had a Happy Easter. The holiday gave me the time needed to get this blog completed. What a wonderful batch
of altered art we have for the month of March. For those of you on the mainland, we wish you could be here in person as we talk about our art, techniques and inspiration that you are about to see. Hopefully some of you will make the journey and attend a meeting in person.
  We look forward to seeing what new art is on the horizon.

Every creator painfully experiences the chasm
between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.
Isaac Bashevis Singer

Dee graces us with her "I Love.." spread
with things she loves.
Paper dolls...

...and her love of the movies.

Some assembly required.

Sandra gets to the root of this theme.
"Grow- A Garden Themed Book".

Misty shares a couple of her favorite techniques in
the "T is for Techniques" book.

She enjoys using recycled items to create her art.

Rosemary's "Negative and Positive Spaces" spread.

Sophia made us all hungry when she showed her layout for
"The Comfort Food Diaries" book

Yes, she's the bagel'
s biggest fan!

Kim and Kehau explore sand drawings, if only
briefly in "The Beauty of Imperfection" book

The giant winter waves share a glimpse of the past with us, if
only for a few moments.

Hawaiian mana.

Hope's "There are None So Blind as Those
Who Will Not See
Before I Die I Want to..."

She has a deep desire to visit a land with such a
rich cultural heritage and tradition.

To view the northern lights.

Here are a few Icelandic symbols known as
magical staves.

Pam's "Harmonious Creations
Art Inspired by Science, Math & Nature"

Celebrate national pie day!

"Day of the Dead Poets Society"
Su takes us to where the sidewalk ends.

The children know!

Anna shares with us her "Word of Art"
nature. Featuring the Raven. 
Marcy's "Wacky World of Oxymorons"

Amy's "What Bugs You?" spread suggests that
nothing bugs her. In fact, she loves bugs!

Darrell's "Below, Above and by the Sea" layout.

Exploring the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
on November 10, 1975.

The cause of it's sinking is still under debate.

There are many theories as to what happened.
But sadly all 29 on board perished. 

Although there have been nearly 6000 shipwrecks and
30,000 lives lost on Lake Superior, the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald remains the most famous due to the Gordon Lightfoot song. He drew his inspiration from a Newsweek article that misspelled the ship's name. He wanted to pay proper respect to the crew.

Sue's spread for the "How Old Would You Be Today
if You Didn't Know Your Real Age?" book takes her
back to high school and her early college years.

Debbie explores two rare birds in her
"Rare Bird" spread.

Dr. Hannah Mounce, who is determined
to save this endangered bird, 
the Hawaiian Kiwikiu.

Carolyn says put the chocolate in the bag and nobody
gets hurt in her "Bag it UP" layout.

Pat used actual clippings from a 1920 Ladies Home Journal magazine in her spread for "Belle Epoque to Art Deco,
the First 40 Years of Fashion in the 20th Century. 

Fancy smoke rings!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Honolulu Altered Books Group Round Robin #10 Feb. 2016

Welcome back to the Honolulu Altered Books Groups 10th
Round Robin. We would like to welcome back former players, Dee, Hope and Marcy. And a big Aloha to our new players Misty, Anna, Carolyn, Sandra and Sophia. We meet on the second Saturday each month at Rubber Stamp Plantation.  Please patronize the web site and help support local business.
We have been hosting this group since 2003 and have made many friends in Hawaii as well as across the nation. We are looking forward to seeing where this round will take us. In the past rounds we laughed, cried, and shared deep thoughts and fond memories.
  If  players have anything art related they would like posted on the blog, just email it to us in Honolulu and we'll try to get it posted for you.  
 So without any further ado, let's start round #10.

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way--things I had no words for."     Georgia O'Keeffe 

Amy starts us off with her book titled
"A Word of Art"

She included this fancy sign in page.

Here are her instructions, so pick a word
and have fun with it.

Misty has cooked up a great idea for an
altered book. "The Comfort Food Diaries"

Here is her sign in and instructions.

Here she tells us about being raised by her grandparents and
the foods that remind her of them.

Rosemary is supplying a book on tea for her
theme of "T is for Techniques".

Here is her title page.

Sign in page.

Use different techniques and describe them
to us.

Dee's theme is
"Bell Epoque to Art Deco, the first
40 Years of Fashion in the 20th Century".

I'm sure we can all fashion up a lovely spread for Dee's book.

Hope has such a large title for such
a small book. "The Beauty of Imperfection
and Impermanence".

Inside front cover.

A colorful page.

You decide.

A view of permanence vs impermanence....

....and the threads that bind.

Su explores "Harmonious Creations". Art
Inspired by Science, Math and Nature.

Here we can discover art by not taking anything for granted.
Art is where we find it. Be it science, math or nature.

Some examples.

Sue's theme is "Below, Above and
By the Sea".

Sign in goes where??

These girls will sure make a splash
at your next party.

Ina the Octopus.

Something fishy is going on here.

Pat's theme is "Bag it UP".
I like her hand bag on the cover!

Pat encourages us to use our imagination to incorporate
bag into your art.

Bags of cash!

Sandra's theme is "I Love..." 

Share things you love. Who, what, when, why, etc.

Don't forget to sign in.

Looks like someone likes books.

Well, we now know that Sandra loves books!

Kim and Keahu's theme is "Grow-- A Garden
Themed book".

You can plant your sign in into a seed packet.

The earth laughs in flowers. We need more laughter
in the world.

Sophia's theme is "Negative and Positive Spaces"

Title page.

The path through the woods.

Positive and negative.

Pam's theme is "There are None So Blind as
Those Who Will Not See / Before I Die I Want to.." 

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.

Where will this theme take you?

Nice start.

Darrell's theme is "The Wacky World of

Explore the tongue in cheek world of oxymorons!

Debbie's theme is " How Old Would You be
Today if You Didn't Know your Real Age?"

Sign in please.

Pick a Number.

This should be fun!

Anna's theme is "Day of the Dead Poets Society"

Anna used Walt Whitman's 1865 poem Oh Captain,
My Captain about the death of Abraham Lincoln.

Carolyn's theme is "Rare Bird"

Carolyn celebrates when women were birds.

Open up to sign in.

Use a feather to sign in.

You can do anything.

She's a Rare Bird.

Marcy's theme is "What Bugs You?"

Title page.

Tiger moths and Beetles.

Beetles and beehives

Everybody has a list to share.

Okay, it's time....

to rant!