Round Robin #11

Round Robin #11

Friday, May 4, 2018

AB at Arts at Marks


A huge thank you to all who participated in our Altered Book  pop-up event last night at The Arts at Marks Garage! It was one of the pre-event pop-ups leading up to the Hawaii Book & Music Festival coming up this weekend at Honolulu Hale.

 Here are some  images from last night: 
The AB Pop-Up Crew

Are you ready to start YOUR altered book?
Books to inspire...

Creative minds at play with gesso and paint 

Lots of beautiful tiny books!

Books, books, and more books!

Alessandra and Ignacio, artists, authors and illustrators
of  Keiki books

So many ideas...stamps, collage and more

Hope offers lessons on tiny books!

Johnathan, Rosemary & Crystal

A huge Mahalo to "Every Single Day" for providing such fantastic music all evening!

Thank you to our supporters who made it all possible:
The staff at the Arts at Marks Garage
Sandy, Louis Pohl Gallery
Su, Creative Arts Experience
Nainoa, Friends of the Library Hawaii
Deb Z, Rubber Stamp Plantation

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Altered Book Event Wed. May 2 6pm-8pm

   Please stop by Mark's Garage on Wednesday
May 2, 2018 6pm- 8pm
We will be showing our groups completed altered books. We will also have a make and take, so you can start your own altered book. Live music by the Every Single Day Band.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Honolulu Altered Books Group April 2018

  This months altered book display shows off a colorful eclectic batch of artwork created by our talented artists.  It is quite interesting how each artist interprets the theme of each book they work in. This is perhaps my favorite thing about co-hosting this group. You never know what you might see from our members.
  I hope you enjoy this months art.

"Every child is an artist. The
problem is how to remain
an artist once we grow up."
- Pablo Picasso

Pam entertains us with her "Fishy, Fishy" layout.

Inhabitant of the sea.

Su created this watercolor in the
"Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs,
Along With A Few Corkscrews" book.

Scream or enjoy! What would you do?

Marcy's "Awkward Ancestors" spread is
about Soren Mads Christensen, who makes
friends with mermaids.

Darrell's "Festivus"page is about
celebrating a second birthday day.

Anna uses paints, paper and fabric in 
her "Swatches" layout.

Debbie shares her love of rainbows
in the "Favorites" book.

It's the daily little things that make life special.

Carolyn's "Exploration & Discovery" page
wants to return to the moon.

Rosemary's "Diary of Madame Blue"

Documenting her trip to New York.

Kim & Kehau's "Personal Dreamtime."
Chasing their dreams.

Alassandra's "Award Yourself A Merit Badge"
is for being well traveled!

Hope's "How Do You Art Your Life" page explores 
her love of music.
Okay it's time to listen to Nights in White Satin.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Honolulu Altered Books Group; March 2018

   Welcome to the March 2018 Honolulu Altered Books Group blog. We are one quarter of the way through this, the eleventh round for this group. We look forward to seeing what fabulous 
art we will see in the coming months.
  We want to thank Chef Iggy and Alessandra for letting us meet at Makana Market and Deli.
Visit them at 

"I don't think about art when I'm working.
I try to think about life."
-Jean- Michel Basquiat

Anna introduces us to her "Festivus"
holiday, kiss your chicken on the lips day!

Pucker up!

One smooch at a time!

Debbie created an underwater scene using
fabric swatches in the "Book of Swatches". 

Rosemary explores self exploration in the 
"Exploration and Discovery" book.

Sophia shares with us Madame Blue's trip
to Paris in the "Diary of Madame Blue" book.

Madame Blue likes to take photographs.

Did I mention the she is a foodie also?

Kim and Kehau's "Last Words" from
Santiago, Chile.

Alessandra's "Personal Dreamtime"
Have a zest for life!

Hope's  "Award Yourself A Merit Badge"
is of course an MBA.

Mini Book Artist!

Pam's "How Do You Art Your Life"

It comes from her heart!

Su's "Fishy, Fishy" layout is about the 
Leafy Sea Dragon.

Marcy's "Life is full of Ups And Downs, 
Along With A Few Corkscrews" spread.
She explores her favorite math problem.

Darrell takes us on a week long journey with
his fictional "Awkward Ancestors"  Aunti Girdy. 

Hair raising!


Just kick me!

No, not the grandkids again!

Dinner is served.

Girdy never was good in the kitchen!

Hurry up, my tea is getting cold!

Do you mind if I just hang out for a while?