Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Honolulu Altered Books Group January 2018


Welcome to the eleventh round robin of the Honolulu Altered Books Group. As we begin or fifteenth year of altered books in Honolulu we are excited to see what the new year will bring. One thing is for sure, we will get to see some fantastic artwork created by our 13 members in this round. We will laugh, cry, share personal despair and triumphs. Just by following this blog, you
will gain a view into each artist's soul. By the end of this round robin, we as artists will create art largely based upon our life's experiences, or our  creative imaginations. So, come along for a ride with us and enjoy our interpretation of the themes of this round's books:

  • Diary of Madame Blue
  • Last Words
  • Personal Dreamtime
  • Award Yourself a Merit Badge
  • How do You Art your Life?
  • Fishy, Fishy
  • Life is Full of Ups and Downs, Along with a Few Corkscrews
  • Awkward Ancestors
  • Festivus
  • Book of Swatches
  • Favorites
  • Exploration and Discovery 

is the most
intense mode of
individualism that the
world has known
-Oscar Wilde-

Anna explores the Buddhist tradition called Unalome 
in the "Life is Full of Ups and Downs, Along with a Few 
Corkscrews" book.

Debbie introduces us to Elena, her "Awkward Ancestors" person.
She is strong and yet gentle and soft spoken. 

Carolyn introduces us to the fictional holiday
called Resplendence Day.

Take time to examine your dark side.

Embrace the light.

Happy Resplendence Day!

Rosemary goes  all mandala in
the "Book of Swatches".

Sophia shares her past and future trips in
the "Favorites" book.

Oh, the sites you will see.

Kim & Kehau take to the sea in their
"Exploration and Discovery" layout,

using the stars to navigate.

Alessandra's entry into the "Diary of
Madame Blue".

And we thought Amazon Prime took too long!

A look into.......

...Madame Blue's life. 

"Last Words"
Hope used just thirteen words to describe


Pam's "Personal Dreamtime".

"Award Yourself a Merit Badge".
Su has created the perfect merit badge for herself.

Having recently been stung by a jellyfish, and also quite
hungry while creating this page, Darrell created the very first peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich for the
"Fishy, Fishy" book.

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