Round Robin #11

Round Robin #11

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 2010 Round Robin.

Welcome to the second round of the 2010/2011 Honolulu Altered Books round robin.
We continue to see some amazing art created by our very talented participants. We look forward to the next meeting to see what new techniques and surprises turn up.
The true artist's heart searches not for treasure at rainbow's end;
But is instead content to play upon the colour there-in.
Kaern Sapp

. Lindsay used a great spray paint technique for Moonscapes

Lori did a ink blot of a traveling musician

Darrell made a flying Buffalo in this Buffalo wing page.

Pam did a clever "hide and seek" in the Cat & Mouse book

Pam's Free to Fly

Rebecca used TABS in her found objects layout.

Amy really captured the essence of Nick Bantock.

Lorena's Circle book layout.

What a great technique

This circle book is on a roll.

Sox Visits Marie Antionette in the Cupcake Book.

Ingrid shares her artistic techniques

Ingrid's take on Free to Fly

Debbie has her own "spin" on the Joy book

Seize the day!

Go for a joyful spin.

Lorraine uses humor for celebrate life!

Lorraine says the shoes give her JOY.

Deb Z did a fabulous free hand Mandala

Rosemary explores her personal journey in the Earth Rhythms book

Earth Rhythms and Morphscapes

More Earth Rhythms

Francine Has a few Turtle questions.

Who knew A is for OX? Su did ,and she explains it in Al-pha-bet-i-ca

Stephanie shares her fear of heights.

Please don't let me fall!

Dee explores imagination.

Kathy shows us her layout for Paths & Parallel Universes.

Kathy reminds us to imagine.

Tamara visits Mary Poppins with her intricate art work.