Round Robin #11

Round Robin #11

Friday, October 17, 2014

Honolulu Altered Books Group October 2014

What a great meeting we had this month to start the 9th round robin. We sure have a fun group of talented artists who really enjoy creating their art for all to see. It has been unusually hot in Honolulu all summer and into October and now we are on a tropical storm watch. The storm's name is Ana.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that she will miss the islands in the next few days. But hey, we can still create art with no power, clean our brushes with bottled water and there is always Spam. Well, on second thought, please, please, please spare us Ana.
 Enjoy this month's art.
"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."
                                                    Mary Lou Cook
What makes Sue sing is traveling to Florida to be
by the sea in her This is What Makes Me Sing layout.

Debbie's interpretation of the Design and
Create Art theme was to add depth and texture
to an underwater oasis. 

Pat uses collage in her Imagination
Illustrated layout to guide us through... 
...the passage of time.

Jennifer's use of the Mystery Palette Challenge
colors resulted in a thought-provoking image
using a color combination she never would have
thought to use on her own.

Lorena's villain in this layout for the Heroes book is
the villainess Cruella de Vil from The Hundred and One

Kim and Kehau's Circle of Creative

using Katydid and Seabreeze as their
color choices.

In Pam's From the Mundame to the Sublime spread,
the firefly hibernates in the winter and emerges in
the spring as a nocturnal light show for all to view with awe.

Su uses the power of OM to Chill-lax.

Exploring the many ways of OM.

Rosemary's What's My Line spread features
Mae West and some of her funny quotes!

Amy is late for a very important date with
her It's About Time layout.

Has the watch's time come to an end?

Lorraine sure pulled off a tall tale
in the High Rise Adventures book!

Cat tale that is!

This cat is fond of tall tales.

Darrell discovered the Menehune for his
Faerie Folk layout.

The Menehune could construct an entire
rock wall to create a fish pond in just 
one night. 

If they couldn't finish the job in one night, they
would abandon the job, never to return.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Honolulu Altered Books Group; September 2014

 It's time to begin the next chapter in the Honolulu Altered Books Group. As we begin our 9th round robin we would like to welcome two new members, Pat and Sue, to the group. We have already met Pat at our first meeting, and the invitation is being offically issued to Sue to come to Hawaii to attend a meeting! 
 Please be sure to sign the front of your art work so we can give credit to the artist.
 We again want to thank Deb Z for her generosity in providing a meeting place at Rubber Stamp Plantation for our monthly meetings. Please visit her web site and pass it along to your art friends as well.
Please enjoy viewing creative images created by our members.
I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way--things I had no words for.” Georgia O'Keeffe

Kim & Kehau's theme for this round is Heroes.

Who is your favorite hero?

Super heroes or Villains?

Eddie Aikau is a hero of Kim & Kehau.

Exploring super heroes.

Lorena's theme is Mystery Palette Challange.

Your spread should contain only the pre-selected
colors in sealed packets prepared by Lorena & randomly

Off islanders: your packet will be mailed to you.

Here are the sealed color packs.

Pat's theme for this round is Constructing a
Game Plan.

What is the Game Plan?

Do you have a plan?

Don't you need a plan?
Su's book theme is From the Mundane
to the Sublime.
What makes you gasp?

What takes your breath away?

What ordinary things are beautiful?

What is sublime?

Don't forget to sign in!

Amy's theme is What's my Line?

Use your funny lines, pick up lines, story lines...

...Punch lines, movie lines. What is your line?

Jennifer's theme for this round is
Imagination Illustrated.

Who are you really?

What lives in your imagination?

Please write on the wall.

Who is your muse?

Finish the previous layout....

..and/or start a new one for the next person to complete.

Darrell's theme is High-Rise Adventures.
Stories above 50 Stories.

Share your favorite tall tale, myth or legend, or
make up your own funny, impossible tale.

Debbie's theme for this round is
This is What Makes Me Sing.

What makes you happy enough to want to sing?
Your favorite song? Favorite memory?
Favorite singer? What does music mean to you?

Pam's theme is Circle of Creative Color.

Select a color that begins with your initial.

Use the color for your spread.

Hint: find a paint chip color begining with your initial.

Sue's theme is Faerie Folk.

The naughty, mischievous little magic folk:

elves, brownies, pixies, faeries, imps, goblins...

...trolls, banshees, sea nymphs, leprechauns.
No Disney, please!

Stephanie's theme is Design & Create Art.

In any fashion you desire. Use your
creative talent!

Lorraine's theme for this round is
It's About Time.

Time pieces, your favorite times, time of day, good times,
time of your life, what time is it?

Rosemary's theme is Chill-Lax.

Chill Out.

Relax, cool off, be cool...

or take a dip.