Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Honolulu Altered Books Group April 2016

  Well, we made it through the first two months with an already fantastic bunch of altered artwork. It's exciting to get to know some of you by learning your style, techniques and sense of humor even though we have not met. We can't wait to see what the month of May will bring our way. With so many unique themes this round is gonna be a lot of fun!

"Everything you can imagine is real"
Pablo Picasso

Anna's "Harmonious Creations" explores
Edison's accomplishments.

A Periodic table to ponder.

Hope goes scientific on us with her
"Comfort Food Diaries" layout.

Take a stroll though the periodic
table of chocolates.
Who knew science could be so delicious?

Help yourself to a beaker of happiness. P.S. We love Dove!

Pam's "The Beauty of Imperfection and Impermanence"

  These leaves and layers show the beauty as well as the
impermanence of nature.

Su shares a quote from Picasso in her
"There Are None So Blind As To Those Who
Will Not See" layout.

Amy's "Day of the Dead Poets Society" spread
explores reasons why Dr. Seuss created some
of his characters. 

Amy's sign in.

But we can have Green Eggs and Ham!

Marcy's "A Word of Art" layout takes us
to prehistoric beginnings.

Early man artforms.

Darrell's "What Bugs You" spread is about his nemesis.
 The computer bug!

uh oh.... You're screwed!

Sue's "Oxymoron" layout is bittersweet. Sharing thoughts
of when the kids leave the nest.

"Below, Above and By the Sea"

Debbie explores fanciful worlds

beneath the sea.

The view from this shoreline offers a
new perspective.

Carolyn thought long and hard as to how old
she is for the "How Old Would You Be Today if
You Didn't Know Your Real Age"? book.

 After many layers, a garden appears and she is now
5 years old. She is happiest in the garden having a
tea party and eating lemon tarts.

Pat's "Rare Bird" spread is about the one
and only Erma Bombeck.

"Never trust a physician whose office
plants are dead"

Dee's "Bag it UP" layout features a photo of one of
her own Judith Leiber bags.

Here is a sampling of some of this year's styles.

"Belle Époque to Art Deco, The first 40 Years
of Fashion in the 20th Century"
Sandra explores the Hobble Skirt.

Some classic fashion.

Express yourself, ladies!

"But I can't even take a step in this dress!"

Misty's "I Love..." spread encompasses all the things
she loves in life. 

Rosemary's interpretation in the"Grow--A Garden Themed Book".

She generously shares packets of seeds of peace.
Kim and Kehau explore the world of
"Negative and Positive Spaces" with colorful accents
in just the right places.

Sophia's "T is for Techniques"
She shares some good techniques. Don't be surprised
to see some of these ideas used in future projects!

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