Round Robin #11

Round Robin #11

Sunday, November 3, 2013

In Loving Memory
Lori Mitrulevich

Some people come into our lives and
quickly go. Some stay for a while and
leave footprints on our hearts, and we
are never EVER the same.
Thank you for coming into our lives.
We wouldn't have missed being your
friends for anything...
Please click on the link below for a tribute video for Lori: 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 2013 Honolulu Altered Books Group

The month of October is upon us and that means you are all in for a treat. We had a great meeting this month with lots of laughter and story telling, and of course some wonderful art to share with each other. I can't believe we are now down to only five more meetings till the round robin is finished. I know that everyone will have a great time looking at all the fabulous art in their own books.
 Please enjoy this month's art.
Creativity is contagious, Pass it on.
                                 -Pablo Picasso

Jennifer explores cunning women in her
Alchemy spread.

Lorraine rides in with her Diamonds and Rust Layout.

Rosemary shares some very humorous
jokes in her Got Humor spread.

Diane planted a couple of pockets of quotes for
the Pockets of Quotes book.

Rosemary went wild on her Steampunk Floral spread.

Marcy puts the Ooh La La in her layout
for the Ooh La La Mailbag book.

May's Wicked layout takes a punch at recent
current events for the Wicked book.

Hope explains that what we remember from our
childhood, we remember forever.  The Childhood
Memories book.

Kim and Kehau explore what colors taste and
smell like and how the clouds turn the sky white.

The brown leaves crunch and smell like
chocolate, but black is the king of all
colors in the Colors of the Rainbow book.

Su explores To Be or Not To Be from
sleepy time.... dreamland in the To Be or Not To Be Book. 

Dorie keeps us laughing with her OctoMom
twist in her layout for the Octopus book.

Lorena's Definitions spread is about inspiration and
creative vision.

Hope shares with us B Movie posters and
yesterdays views of tomorrow in her I Love
Mid-Century Modern spread.

Amy takes us on a road trip to four of her
favorite childhood vacation spots in her
Childhood Memories layout.

Disney World and Cedar Point..... the Smokey Mountains and Myrtle Beach

Darrell explores the origins of Man Ray, who
was one of the first artists to create art using
found objects in his layout for
The Origins of Man book.

Teri must be thinking about Hawaii in her
All spread.

Stephanie shares a humorous conundrum in
her Visual Incongruities and Conundrums layout.

Debbie explores the theory about Princess Diana's death
in her spread in the Book of Secrets and Conspiracies book.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Honolulu Altered Books Group September 2013

We had a great meeting this month that showcased lots of great art for all to enjoy. Thanks to everyone for getting your artwork to us on time. It really helps us in prepping for the meeting.
  We are now down to just six more rounds. Then we can get your big fat books back into your hands for you to enjoy.
Please take a look at this months art.
“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web. ” ~Pablo Picasso

Kim & Kehau created this stitched Dragon
for the Wicked book.

Su explores the colors of the season in her
beautiful use of trees.

fall and winter.

Lorena takes us to an aquarium to see
an Octopus's perspective in the Octopus book.

Hope shows us her feather Definition
in the Definition book.

Hope explained to us that ferruginous
means containing iron oxides or rust, in her
Definitions layout.

Dorie keeps us laughing in her Shakespeare
parody to sing or not to sing, in her To Be
or Not To Be layout.

Darrell filled his pockets with fish......

....tale quotes for the Pockets of
Quotes book.

Amy got out her poodle skirt and 45s
for her I love Mid-Century Modern spread.
Teri takes us on a journey of the Tlingit
Creation Myth in her
Origins of man layout.

The Gray Eagle

Gray eagle's daughter falls in love with the Raven.

The Raven stole from the Gray Eagle the sun, stars,
moon, water and fire.

The Raven hangs up the light.

He drops the water.

The  raven delivers fire and turns black due
to the smoke.

Stephanie does it all in her All spread.

Debbie explores conundrums about
signs in the Visual Incongruities
and Conundrums book.
 "Do this don't do that, can't
you read the signs."

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

No signs on fence??

Jennifer explores what happened to Amelia Earhart
in her Book of Secrets and Conspiracies layout.

Lorraine explores transformation
of matter in her Alchemy spread.


Rosemary had a ball exploring the field
in her Diamonds and Rust spread. 

Marcy explores the humor in found object art in
her Got Humor layout.

Ooh La La.  Pam mailed this extra large
envelope for the Ooh La La Mailbag book.

Insert mail here.

Diane shares her Fairy Tales

May created this SteamPunk Floral
robot, He looks all geared up!

Stephanie enlightens us about the battle
between science and religion in her
Origins of Man spread.