Round Robin #11

Round Robin #11

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Honolulu Altered Books Group Round Robin

We had another great meeting on Saturday with lots of great
art to share with each other. Even though we are just getting started, we have just one more month to create art before
we go on holiday hiatus and then resume in February 2013.
We are looking forward to see what everybody will come
up with on their next assignments. We would like to thank all of the mainland artist for getting their art to us on time.
"One need not be a chamber to be haunted. One need not be a house. The brain has corridors surpassing material place." ~ Emily Dickinson

Kim And Kehau show us a conundrum in their layout for the
Visual Incongruities & Conundrums book.

Jennifer serves up some colorful shave ice in the Colors Book.

Jennifer uses Hawaiian words to help describe
the diversity of people who call Hawaii
their home.

Yes, We live in a land full of rainbows.

Hope had us in stitches with her Humor layout using
funny signs.

Amy visits with The Marvelettes in the Ooh La La Mailbag book
featuring Please, Mr. Postman.

May shows us her ALL layout with  All The World's A Stage.


Dorie explores Alchemy in this spread.


Su shows us crop circles in her Book of Secrets and Conspiracies layout.

Take me to your leader.


Teri cleverly uses library cards and card file box backgrounds for
her Pockets of Quotes layout.


Lorena makes use of the smallest book in the round robin with her leather and lace spread
in the Diamonds and Rust book.

Lori explores the art of early man in the Origins of Man book.

Ice age art.
Debbie remembers Fall with visits to the apple country and watching the Wizard of Oz for her Wicked layout.

Have a Wicked Halloween.

Rosemary wants to be under the sea in an Octopuses Garden for the
Octopus book.

Diane shares a story about fishing with her dad and uncles in her
Childhood Memories spread.

Stephanie's Steampunk Floral layout.

More Steampunk Floral.

Darrell visits Jack and the Beanstalk in the Fairy Tales Book.


5 beans for a cow? Not a bad trade after all.

Lorraine must be one of the undecided voters in her
"To be or not to be, to do or not to do
is that the question?" layout.

Pam visits now and then in her Mid Century Modern layout.

Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine will ask the question, Are you a good witch or a bad witch? in the Wicked Book.

Marcy stitched up her friendship and gift of art in her
Definitions layout.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 2012 Honolulu Altered Books Group

Our September meeting was a great success and we are already seeing some great artwork
from our members. We are looking foward to see what everybody comes up with for the next meeting on October 13th.
 We can't be thankfull enough to Deb Z for her generosity in letting us meet in her workshop every month. Please visit her website  and feel free to pass it along to friends and family. She offers a great product line that is made in Hawaii.
The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist
Eric Gill

Su shows us her All or Nothing spread  in the All book.




Here Diane shows us her Definitions layout for the Definitions book.

Teri uses a old photo of her father in this telegram layout
for the Ooh La La Mailbag Book

Another good spread!

Darrell uses baby humor as he remembers his father doing when he was a baby
in the Humor book. 

Can you spot Darell on these pages?
Debbie created a pocket page about time quotes for the pockets of  Quotes book. 

Showing some of the tags with quotes.

The side view of the Pockets of Quotes.

Pam shares her appendages with us in her Octopus page.

Marcy explores the fine art of the dating process in the
To be or Not to Be, to Do or Not o Do, Is that the Question? Book.
Lorena conjures up the Black Dahlia in her Book of Secrets and Conspiracies spread.

May shares with us cloud watching and pinwheels in her Childhood Memories page.
Here Dorie interprets the Visual Incongruities and Conundrums.
Hey, It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

Kim & Kehau share there Origins of Man layout.

Great textures!
Here Lori explores her crushes from the 50s & 60s in her I Love Mid-Century Modern pages.

Dear Lori, Thank you for putting me in your layout. Love always Paul Anka.

Hey Paul, I saw her first!

Jennifer takes us on a Floral Steampunk Fantasy
with Kate.

Hmmm! dose Kate have a license to fly that balloon?

It looks like Kate did okay for herself!
Rosemary shares the power of green in the Colors Book.


Hope shows us this fascinating spread in the Alchemy Book.

Exploring our past.
I thought we'd finish this round of with a drink brought to us by Amy.
Just add Johny Walker Red and some Drambuie and stir with a rusty nail.
Yum, That's what I call Diamonds & Rust!