Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Honolulu Altered Books Group June, July 2015


    Welcome to the summer edition of the Honolulu Altered Books Group blog. It sure has been a hot summer here in the islands, but that's the price you pay for living in paradise.
    We have a jam-packed blog this month, filled with some fabulous art created by the talented artists in our group.
    We meet every month at Rubber Stamp Plantation. Thanks to Deb Z. for being so generous and letting us meet at her shop. Please stop by her shop or visit the web site for some great island inspired stamps, stickers, decals, and more!
Please enjoy the art.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.
                         Twyla Tharp

June 2015

Sue designed this "Circle of Creative Color"
layout sharing her passion for life.

Debbie starts out her "From the Mundane to the Sublime"
spread with a early morning alarm....

to worshipping the morning sun and enjoying the earth's
beauty and music.

Learn to see the world differently with each new day.

Stephanie has all the right ingredients to a
great night's sleep in her "Chill-Lax" layout.

Pat gets help form the Beatles in her "What's My Line"

Everybody needs the help of of good nurse.

Jennifer explores the appeal to setting the clock
back and starting all over again in her "It's
About Time" layout.

Lorena takes us on a hot air balloon ride
in her "High Rise Adventure" spread.

Up Up and away!

Fun facts about hot air balloons.

Kim And Kehau explore the Lord of the Rings
in their "Faerie Folk" contribution.

They lead us through the saga...

across middle earth...

through the eyes of....

the Hobbits.

Pam shares things that make her sing, for the
"What Makes me Sing" book.

Su's "Design and Create Art" layout invites
us to create along with her.

Don't be shy, give it a try!

Rosemary's "Game Plan" is called Nemesis.

Creating the plan.

Creating the rules of the game.

Amy takes us to a Broadway musical staring
the Muppets in her "Imagination Illustrated"

Parade news and Happy Harry!

Lorraine has fun with her "Mystery Palette Challenge"

Darrell was hungry when he created his "Heroes" layout.
I guess he can now be called a sandwich artist!

July 2015 

Amy created this colorful spread using her
"Mystery Palette Challenge" colors.

Lorraine's hero is


Darrell pokes fun at his middle name in his
"Circle of Colors" spread.

"From the Mundane To the Sublime"
Sue started her layout with a very mundane piece of card stock.
She then turned it into a sublime piece of art filled
with the beauty of nature.

Debbie used texture and color inspired by a recent art retreat
she attended. The art hanging between the palm trees is some
of the paper she created during the retreat.

Stephanie's "What's my Line" spread  can be taken right
from the horse's mouth.... ooh, I mean right from the dog's
pearly white mouth! 

"It's About Time"
Pat doesn't seem to know what time it is.
 But does anybody really care?
Of course we care, Pat. It's five o'clock somewhere!

"High Rise Adventures and Tall Tales"
Jennifer's spin on tall tales is the game of
Hyakumo Nagaari Kaidanki.
Think twice before blowing out your birthday candles!

Lorena created a beautiful glistening, personalized fairy
named Briar Beamfrost for the "Faerie Folk" book.

"What Makes Me Sing"
Kim and Kehau share with us the meaning of
the word Kanikapila.

eh, come my house.

Pam's "Design and Create Art' spread
incorporates color, fibers.....

and a flag book.

"Constructing a Game Plan"
Su created a new game called The Game of Whole
Hearted Living. Complete with board and game cards.

"Imagination Illustrated"
Rosemary travels with her passport
to imagination.

Time for rest and relaxation.

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