Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Honolulu Altered Books Group March / April 2015

  Welcome to the Honolulu Altered Books Group blog.
 This installment has double the art to see. It will include not only April 2015 but also the art from our March 2015 meeting.  For those of you viewing this site for the first time, let me tell you a little bit about our group.
The Honolulu Altered Books Group, which started in 2003, is a multicultural group intent on rescuing 'obsolete' books with the most creative 'anything goes' mixed media techniques. Members participate in round robins, contributing artwork to each others books on a variety of topics. The group meets monthly in Kakaako, Hawaii, sharing creativity, techniques and more.
"Be who you are and say
what you feel because
those who mind don't
matter and those who
matter don't mind"
      Dr Suess

Sue shares with us the brilliant mind of Jim Henson
in her "Imagination Illustrated" spread.

Debbie uses the colors from her "Mystery Palette Challenge"
to recreate a happy moment in her life.

The Marine Corps Band playing Happy on
Kailua Beach on the 4th of July.

Stephanie pays tribute to her mom in the "Heroes" book.

Pat gives us her Peachy Circle
of Colors layout.

Jennifer shows us the art of Kintsukuroi in
her "From the Mundane to the Sublime" spread.

A repaired item becomes even more treasured.

Here Lorena shows us via a self portrait, her way
of how to "Chill-Lax" while on an early morning walk
with her dog.

Kim and Kehau, with help of their Minion Friends,
keep us laughing in the "What's My Line" book.

Pam's "It's About Time" layout visits
10 after 10, the universal time to drink wine!

Time to be creative.

Time Line!

Does anybody really know what time it is?
Su really steps out on this layout in the
"High-Rise Adventures" book.
Yikes! Don't fall!

Rosemary shares with us Hobbits, Friends and Family
in her "Faerie Folk" spread.

"What Makes Me Sing"
Amy shares what makes her sing.
Of course, it is anytime her Hubby Lopaka sings!

Lorraine created this Watercolor for
the "Design and Create Art" book.

Darrell broke out the Astro-Turf to create his
"Constructing A Game Plan" spread.
First thing, lots of Xs and Os...
Then Date, Wed and move to Hawaii.

He Scores!

Here is the April 2015 art.

Pam rose to the occasion in her
"High-Rise Adventure" spread.

Su explores the myth of Tanuki in
her "Faerie Folk" layout. 

A true master of disguise.

"What Makes me Sing"
Food, dance, dreams and moon are
things that make Rosemary sing.

Amy shares her thought-provoking watercolor
depiction of what is happening atop Mauna Kea
in her "Design and Create Art" layout.

"Constructing a Game Plan"
Lorraine's got it all down on how
to  construct a game plan....
Oh, wait a minute, Plan B

OOPS, Plan C

"Hello, PizzaMan? Do you deliver?
Darrell took to the night for his "Imagination Illustrated"
layout featuring the Muppets after dark.

Sue created this beautiful origami layout
using the colors from her Mystery Palette Challenge"

Debbie's "Heroes, Super Heroes and Villains" layout
explores the villain in her life.
Father time! There is never enough time in
the day to get everything done!

Stephanie is thinking pink in her "Circle Of Color"

Pat explores softness and boldness in
her "From the Mundane to the Sublime" spread.

Jennifer recalls a communal bath house
she visited while living in Japan.

"What's My Line"
Lorena shared with us a day in the life of
of the Garwoods.
I think we can insert any last name into that title!

"It's About Time"
Kim And Kehau share with us: giving of your time
is the greatest gift you can give.

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