Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Monday, March 24, 2014

Honolulu Altered Books Group March 2014

  March turned out to be quite a rambunctious meeting at Nico's Restaurant for our altered books group. We had the pleasure of finally getting to meet Marcy Grudzien who was visiting with her husband Stuart from Michigan. Marcy has been a member of our group since 2012.
We only have two more rounds left in this round robin, so let's be sure to let that creativity flow.
Please enjoy this months art work.
Do what you can, where you are, with what you've got. Break the rules, be different, be dynamic, but above all, be yourself! And have fun doing it!      (Paul Dixon)
Marcy shows us her Floral Steampunk Fantasy layout.

Here is a close up.
Pam had a Wicked good time doing her Wicked

Diane's Colors of the Rainbow Layout.

May's surreal take on the Octopus.

Can you guess what this means?

Kim and Kehau took two different viewpoints
in the Definitions book.
Succulent love....

...Indomitable Spirit.

Su gets all groovy in her I Love Mid-Century
Modern pop up layout. Check out the
hand painted Golden Gate Bridge.

Dorie's To be or Not to Be, To Do or Not
to Do layout.

I think she should be!

Lorena takes the literal angle on her
Origins of Man spread.

I'm at a loss for words!

Hope shares with us an "All is forgiven" verse in
the ALL book.

Amy shares a humorous conundrum about
rush hour.

Hurry up and wait!

I want to ride in Amy's car pool!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of
a fateful trip. Darrell takes us on 3 hour tour about
the Secrets of the seven "castaways"

Mr. Howell was an alleged drug runner who chartered the
 Minnow and paid off the Skipper and Gilligan.

The professor was brought along to test the drugs.

Mrs Howell was in on the whole thing and
Ginger with her unending wardrobe, uses
her Hollywood connections for Mr. Howell.
Mary Anne was a Fed on the trail to bust Mr. Howell. 

Terri created this page for the Alchemy book.

Here are some early masters of Alchemy.

Complete with formulas.

Stephanie's Diamond and rust layout.

Debbie created a pop out Grinch with quote from
ole Grinchie himself for the Got Humor book.

Jennifer explores the showdown between the Storks and USPS
for exclusive rights to deliver babies in the Ooh La La Mailbag

Lorraine temps Snow White with an apple in her
Fairy Tales layout.

Rosemary uses bubble wrap to create her Air Quotes for the Pockets of Quotes book.

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