Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Honolulu Alterd Books Group Nov. 2013 and Feb. 2014


It's been quite a long time since our last blog posting and we have a lot to look at on this posting. It will consist of the November 2013 as well as the Feb. 2014 art for you all to peruse. I'm sorry this took so long to get posted but for now on we should be back on schedule.
We have a lot to look at, so without further ado please enjoy.
"The artist never entirely knows -We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark" Agnes de Mile

Kim and Kehau follow their dreams to reality
in the To Be or Not to Be book.

Su takes us on an undersea adventure in her
Octopus layout.

Dorie's Definitions page.

Lorena explores the craft behind creating a
Mid Century Modern Hawaiian apparel.

The Classic Aloha Shirt.

Amy's Origins of Man spread visits Women are
from Venus, Men are from Mars.

Darrell gave it his All in his All layout.

Teri created this Visual Incongruities and
Conundrums page straight from The
Twilight Zone.


Debbie explores chemical reactions..

to create patina...

on copper....

for her spread in the Alchemy book.

Jennifer's rather spooky Diamonds and Rust layout.

Lorraine pours us some Humor with
the help of the Got Milk Cow.

Rosemary's air mail layout for the
Ooh La La Mailbag book.

Some air mail love letters.

and some more.

Marcy's  Fairy Tales pages.
The Green Fiddler.

If once you have slept on an island.

Pam had time to create this Pockets of Quotes


Watch what she does next.

Quotes about time.

Diane's Steampunk Floral pages.

Hope takes us on a Wicked Travelogue through Oahu in
her Wicked layout.

May explores where color can be found in her
Colors of the Rainbow layout.

Pam shares with us her Fairy Tale spread (Oct. 2013) of the
Princess and the pea.

Feb. 2014

May shares her Here's to Being layout
for the To Be or Not to Be book.

Diane created a Wicked layout for the Wicked book.

Pam's Steampunk Floral layout.

More Floral...

May there always be an angel by your side..

Pam's creative Steampunk Floral page.

Marcy created this great fold out pocket
filled with quotes for the Pockets of Quotes book.

The Princess and the Pea is brought
to us courtesy of Rosemary for the
Fairy Tale book.

Lorraine really delivers with her what's
in the bag layout for the Ooh La La Mailbag.

Jennifer shares her sense of humor in the
Got Humor book.

Debbie says in times of upheaval,

which do you choose,

diamonds or rust?

Stephanie shares with us her Alchemy layout.

Teri explores what's beneath the Loch Ness Monster
for the Book of Secrets and Conspiracies.

Darrell went to a white elephant sale to get
ideas for his layout for the Visual Incongruities
and Conundrums book.

He came home with an Elephant!

Amy's All My Love layout is perfect
for the month of February for the ALL book.

Hope's Origins of Man layout is out of this world...

or maybe even the galaxy...

or beyond.

Lorena captures romance in her Colors
of the Rainbow spread.

Dorie blings it up in her layout for the I Love
Mid-Century Modern book.

Su's Definitions spread using intuitive and
involution is captivating.

Kim and Kehau created this wonderful octopus
for the Octopus book.


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