Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Monday, July 15, 2013

Honolulu Altered Books Group July 2013

What a great meeting we had this month. We were very excited to have Teri Flemal and her husband Lou, visiting all the way from New York. It was great to be able to meet our artist who lives the furthest from Hawaii, and we all hit it off just like we were old friends. This month we changed it up a bit and met at Nico's Restaurant. The staff was very gracious and the food was ono.
We can't wait to see what August will bring our way.


Our group at Nico's.

Pam collected rusty items while walking around
Oahu and used them in her Diamonds and Rust spread.

Diane shared a few Knock Knock jokes
with us on her Got Humor layout.

Funny stuff.
Rosemary's Ooh La La Mailbag layout
is reminiscent of World War One.

May thinks twice about having
long hair in her Rapunzel spread
in the Fairy Tale book.

Darrell remembers catching headless chickens
in his Childhood Memories layout.

Lorraine follows the chicken theme with
her "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"
spread for the All book. 

Stephanie is serving up delicious cocktails
in her I Love Mid-Century Modern spread. 

Jessica shows us that being raised to be creative
results in a happy life.
Stephanie defines A Birds Eye View in
here Definitions layout.

Lorena shared a poem from her childhood
in her Childhood Memories spread.

Teri remembers some of her happiest childhood
memories of Christmas time in the Childhood
Memories book. 
Diane's Diamonds and Rust layout.

Kim and Kehau created a zippered pockets
of quotes layout filled with inspirational quotes.
Su painted a beautiful background for
her Floral Steampunk Fantasy. She even
has moving cogs on a chain!

Dorie takes us on a dark journey by visiting
some Wicked dictators.
Lorena gets all glittery in her Colors of the Rainbow

and you can't have rainbows without sunshine.
Hope explores to live or die in the
To Be or Not To Be book.

Amy explores the complex and mysterious creature
known as the Octopus.

Here is Mr. Octopus and his undersea garden.
Darrell uses sign language to explain
his " Deaf-inition in his Definition layout.
Teri shares  instantly recognizable icons in
her I Love Mid-Century modern layout.
And that ain't no Dixie cup!

Stephanie remembers how time drags when you
are a kid, and flies by when you get older in
the Childhood Memories book.

Debbie explains the connection between the 
3 million year old skeleton Lucy, and the Beatles, in the
Origins of Man book.
Jennifer explores Les Bains, a former
bathhouse in Paris for the All Book.

Don't Blink! from a former nightclub... a street artist canvas...

.. to now it is ALL gone.
Lorraine's twist on Visual Incongruities and

Is that you Auntie Lamb?
Rosemary's book of Secrets and Conspiracies
layout finds out who's coming to dinner.
A photo collage of this month's meeting.

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