Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Honolulu Altered Books Group June 2013

Well, we are almost halfway through this round robin and we are finding that a few books are already bulging and in need of minor repair. That's a good thing because it means that the artwork is bold, exciting, encompassing, creative and downright fabulous.
  The group on Oahu is excited to have Teri joining us at our July meeting. She is coming all the way from New York and we can't  wait to meet her in person.
To create one's world in any of the arts
takes courage.
Georgia O'Keeeffe  
Pam explores the natural elements in the Alchemy book...

...and the elements...

...and the search for eternal life.
Rosemary tickles our funny bone in
her Got Humor spread.

May sends us love letters in the
Ooh La La Mailbag book
Kim And Keahu share Hawaiian and Maori Fairy Tales
in the Fairy Tale book.

Su went down under for her Pockets of Quotes layout.

And look, a Joey speaks his mind!

Dorie created this Steampunk Floral Fantasy layout...

... but where did the time go?
Lorena made a Wicked tornado scene using
a found t-shirt for the background for the
Wicked book.

Hope brings us a 3-d version of Dark Side of the Moon in the
Colors of the rainbow book. The album was on the charts for
741 weeks between 1973 to 1988.
Amy brings her trademark humor to the To Be or
Not To Be book. 
When Darrell thinks about octopus he thinks of
eight cartoon cats from his childhood in his OCTO-PUSS spread.

Teri explores her definition of definition
for the Definition book.
Debbie reminisces about getting all gussied up and
going to grandma's house for Easter in the Childhood Memories book.

Jennifer takes us on a Zulu creation myth 
for the Origins of Man book featuring Unkulunkula.
 I still vote for slow and steady vs the speedy lizard. Besides, can the speedy lizard
change his colors?
Rosemary shares  Look Agains in her Conundrums layout.
Marcy stitched together a secret mission, a spy and smuggled gold
in her Book of Secrets layout.

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