Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Honolulu Altered Books Group April 2013

We can't say enough about how much we are all enjoying this round robin. The talent of this group
is amazing and we are always in awe when we share the art at our meetings. We want to wish Lori a speedy recovery and to let you know that we are all thinking about you. We also want to thank Deb Z for her generosity for letting us use Rubber Stamp Plantation as a meeting place.
Stephanie goes under the sea to bring us a happy go lucky Octopus for the Octopus book.

Debbie takes us on an exquisite journey
in her colorful Definitions layout.

Debbie explores two of  life's pleasures.

Jennifer pays homage to her families Eames chair for
the I Love Mid-Century Modern book.

Lorraine remembers playing with Barbies for hours with
her cousin and making clothes for them in the
Childhood Memories book.

Lorraine also remembers hours spent painting by numbers.
Rosemary takes a tongue and cheek look at the Origins of Man book.

Marcy quotes "ALL the day they hunted" for the ALL book.

 Pam explores Visual Incongruities and Conundrums.

Pam's humorous take on an oxymoron.

Pam should send these words to Paul Simon!
Diane asks "Who is that Masked Man"? in
her Book of Secrets and Conspiracies layout.

May picks some diamonds and raises some rust
in her Diamonds and Rust spread.
Kim and Kehau uses acronyms to display
there type of humor in the Got Humor book.

Su uses windowed envelopes and images
of vintage postal people in her
Ooh La La Mailbag layout.

Dorie brings us an early TV memory of a fairy tale
with her Fractured Fairy Tales layout.
Lorena shares with us some inspirational quotes for the Pockets
of Quotes book.

Fully extended.

Hope takes us back in time with her Steampunk Floral spread.

Amy takes a local twist on the the
Wizard of Oz.
Darrell goes color blind in his Colors of the
Rainbow layout.

Some people believe that Van Gogh was Color Blind.

It's up for you to decide.
Teri shows the right way to be in
her Pinterest to be layout.

And of course some not to be as well.

Very true to life.

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