Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Honolulu Altered Books Group March 2013

   Wow, the art just keeps on amazing us each month as we gather
for our meeting at Rubber Stamp Plantation. It's official, the books are beginning to become fat with art, and those of you on the mainland will truly be amazed at how big your books are going to be when we are all finished with this round robin.
     Debbie and Pam wish to thank those who participated in the
Altered Art Adventure #4 this year and they are already planning next years Altered Art Adventure # 5.
    We are looking forward to seeing what amazing artwork we will be privileged to see in the coming months.

May displays her take on Alchemy in her Transform your World layout.

Lori shares her Vampire secrets in the Book of Secrets
and Conspiracies.

Diane shows us some humor in her
Visual Incongruities and Conundrums spread.
Pam has "ALL" the time in the world in
her All layout.

Apparently she still has more time!

Marcy's Origins of Man. Nice leaf placement!

Rosemary's Childhood Memories.

Lorraine got all worked up in her
Mid-Century Modern layout.

Elvis actually swings his hips!

Lorraine is all shook up!

Jennifer did some detective work to find
 the many disguises of Pam Yee for
the Definitions book.
Debbie shares the number eight in
many languages in her Octopus layout.

With the help of an Octopus, Debbie
gives us some Octopus facts.

Stephanie relates to the color of emotions in the
To Be or Not to Be, To Do or Not to Do book.

Teri shares with us her vivid tree of Heavenly Colors
in the Colors of the Rainbow book.

Darrell visits a sanatorium in his Wicked


Darrell continues his dark side as he investigates
a local murder in the Wicked book.
Amy got all Steampunky in her Steampunk
Floral Fantasy layout.

Amy Steampunks a photo of her Grandmother!

Hope made the "time" to create
these Pockets of Quotes.

Quotes out of the pockets.

Lorena pulled a few strings to complete
this Pinocchio for the Fairy Tales book.

His nose does grow when he tells a lie.

Dorie displays us her mail art in the Ooh La La
Mailbag book.

Kim and Kehau gives us Diamonds and Pearls
in the Diamonds and Rust book.

Su took a tongue and cheek twist in her
Got Humor layout.

Tongue twister anyone?


  1. I loved seeing all of these. Thanks so much for photographing and posting them!

  2. I'm so amazed at everyone's creativity! I'm glad I saw some of the books at the March AB meeting. I really learned a lot at the Altered Art Adventure 4 and Altered Books workshop. Thanks Pam and Debbie!