Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 2012 Honolulu Altered Books Group

       Welcome to the second to the last posting of our seventh Honolulu Altered Books Group round robin.
What a pleasurable journey it has been and what incredible artwork we have  been inspired by. As we have mentioned before, we sincerely wish to thank Deb Z. for her graciousness by letting us use her shop for our meeting place. Please visit her website to see all the great Island inspired items that she produces and sells.
Rubber Stamp Plantation is a great example of American small business at work.   
      Please enjoy this months artwork. The final count down has begun.

Art completes what nature cannot bring to a finish. (Aristotle)

 Rebecca shows us her Moonscapes moon phases layout.

Stephanie displays her Three Wishes.

More three wishes from Stephanie.

Lorraine puts her stamp of approval on her Nick Bantock spread.

Corinne created a beautiful far-out spread for the Imagine book.

Ingrid has words of wisdom (for the mouse) in the Cat and Mouse book.

Sox goes to the lost and found dept. in the Found Objects book.

This is what Sox found.

Kathy shares some turtle trivia in her Turtle book layout.

Kathy explores her visions of Paris in the Visions of London, Paris ,Rome & Asia book.

Here, Kathy goes all aborigine on us in this wonderful layout for the Earth Rhythms book. 
April 2012

Kathy shares her Three Wishes with us.

More of Kathy's Three Wishes

Kathy created this nice collage for the Victorian Era book.

Ingrid shows us her Nick Bantock page.

Ingrid shares with us who taught her how to read a map in the Nick Bantock book.

Pam takes us on a photo journey in the Visions of London,Paris, Rome and Asia book.

Amy cashed in her chips when she showed us her Wish You Were Here layout!

Dee shows us this beautiful scene in her Earth Rhythms layout.

"La Cucaracha" says Lori about her fear of the dreaded cockroach and other creepy crawlers in the Phobias book!

Lorena Remembers Ireland in the lines of a poem for the Lines and Angles book.

Rosemary's waiting in the Wings.

Rosemary's thought provoking Wings layout.

Darrell's Paths and Parallel Universe.

Tamara Picked the letter P for here Pretty, perfect page in the Alphabetica book.

Sox's layout says it all about our group in the Wings book.

Debbie shows us her Found Objects, asking the question are they really lost or just misplaced?

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