Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Honolulu Altered Books Group April 2012

 Aloha everyone,

The countdown begins. We only have two more months left on our seventh round robin. It truly is hard to believe that we have been doing  Honolulu Altered Books round robins for nine years already.We have been truly blessed to have made so many friends from all around the country who love art as much as we do.

  Our April meeting was once again a lot of fun and as always, it was filled with laughter, tall tales as well
as personal stories of inspiration. Please enjoy this months art.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you've got. Break the rules, be different, be dynamic, but above all, be yourself! And have fun doing it! (Paul Dixon)

 Ingrid shows us her Nick Bantock layout.

 Ingrid's Nick Bantock page two.

 Ingrid's beautiful Wings layout.

 Pam's Paths and Parallel Universes spread.

 Pam takes her slippas on her path.

 Sox displays an enchanting Moonscapes layout.
Feb 2012

 Stephanie's take on the Free to Fly book.
Nov. 2011

 Corinne's Visions of London, Paris, Rome and Asia layout.
March 2012

 Corinne's Visions page two.

 Amy shows us her Full Pink Moon in the Moonscapes book.

 Dee let's us in on her three wishes.....

 ....  in the Magic Lamp and Three Wishes book.

 Lori shows us her layout for the Victorian Era book.

 More of Lori's Victorian Era spread.

 Rosemary baked up a Cupcake Mandala for the Cupcake Book.

 Lorena serves up a Pink Martini in her musical take in the Having
a Great Time, Wish You Were Here Book.

 Su shows us her Free to Fly layout.
March 2012

 Su displays her delightful Joy layout.

 Debbie let's the cat out of the bag in her Cat and Mouse page.

 Darrell Imagines a refreshing cocktail in the To Imagine is Everything book.

 Corinne shares her Chronophobia in the Phobia book. (it's about time!)

 Page two of Corinne's Phobia layout.

 Stephanie created a beautiful jeweled mandala.

 Back side of Stephanie's Mandala.

 Stephanie walks us thru the process for yummy cupcakes.
Oct. 2011

 Page two of cupcake layout and a fantastic sketch by Jessica.

 Lorraine asks us to find the clues for the found objects book.

 Can you figure it out? Put you guess in the comments section and I will let you know when
we have a winner.

 Rebecca shows us a great watercolor in her To Imagine Is Everything book.
Feb. 2012

 Rebecca stitches up her layout for the Paths and Parallel Universe book.
March 2012

 Sox created this interesting spread for the Lines and Angles Book.

Corinne did some wonderful paper weaving for the Visions of London book.


  1. Absolutely fabulous imaginative pages! Did Lorraine hide LORENA? Clues: Light Orange Ring Ellen Necklace Avocado