Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Honolulu Altered Books Group March 2020 blog


 We hope that everyone is being safe and washing your hands often.
What a crazy world we live in. What better thing to do when you are quarantined then to do art, play music, enjoy your family and binge watch Netflix!
  This blog starts our 13th Round robin and 17 years of creating art.
This round robin has a wide range of book themes. Book Jewelry, Everything & Nothing, Fishing Tales, Gratitude, Threads, Keep on Truckin, Keep Calm and..., Tea with Friends, Your Last Meal, Gypsies Tarot & Earth Magic and Shape.

Please enjoy this months art.

Pam takes Grandma for a ride in the
"Keep on Truckin" book.

Darrell keeps his calm by listening 
to music in the "Keep Calm And..." book.

Any format of music reduces stress and
calms the soul.

Robyn created an Asian theme tea bag for the
"Tea With Friends" book.

Marcy illustrates her quest for bountiful food in her
"Your Last Meal" layout.

Debbie explores Madame Pele in her
"Gypsies, Tarot & Earth Magic spread. 

Madame Pele has been creating earth magic for  
hundreds of years!

Anna creates some great shapes for the "Shape" book.

Creative geometric portraits .


Yvonne designed some wonderful dangly
beads for the "Book Jewelry" book.

Hope included everything but the kitchen sink
in the "Everything and Nothing" book.

Rosemary's "Fishing Tales" entry is about
the tales of two kittens.

Su shows us what she is thankful for 
in the "Gratitude" book.

Hmmmm, someone likes art and chocolate!

Kehau shares threads that bind her family together 
in the "Threads" book.

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