Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Honolulu Altered Books Group 5 month roundup.

 Aloha everyone,

   I know it's been a long time since our last Honolulu Altered Books Group posting. But, as the saying goes.. "good things are worth waiting for." You are in for a treat. We have five months of altered art for you to feast your eyes upon. The last few months have brought laughter, tears, reflection, hope and shared techniques to name a few. There are eighty seven photos on this post so please take you time viewing them and feel free to zoom in on them in order to see more detail in the artwork.

Art is like therapy; what comes up is what comes up.
-Nick Bantock

Alessandra starts us out with her take on
the "How Do You Art Your Life" book. 

She explores the perfection of nature.

Here she paints herself enjoying nature.

Hope's angel fish and devil fish for
the "Fishy, Fishy "book.

Watch out!

Pam's seeing the world upside down and inside out
for the "Life Is Full of Ups and Downs, Along With A Few Corkscrews" book.

Su's  "Awkward Ancestors" and alligators.

Marcy wants a "popcorn for dinner week" as her 
"Festivus" holiday.

Darrell's "Swatches" page explores
swatches galore and cocktails to pour.

Anna's "Favorites" spread.

A garden is a grand teacher.

Debbie's "Exploration and Discovery" page
tells us that all art is a kind of discovery.

She shares all the techniques that she used
to create this page.

Carolyn shares some correspondence to 
Madame Blue for the "Diary of Madame Blue" book.

Two headed sharks!

A truly unusual letter.

more  correspondence.

April 1630

one more entry.

Rosemary's "Last Words" spread.

Rosemary always keeps us laughing! 

Sophia's "Personal Dreamtime" layout.
Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Kim & Kehau's "Merit Badge" 
Kehau, world's best Aunt.

Kim gets the baking award!

June 2018

Marcy shares  her marbling techniques
with us in her "Swatches" page.

Darrell's "Favorites" pages reflect on one of
his favorite things to do: Concert photography.

Lots of sample photos.

Anna's "Exploration and Discovery' spread.
A beautiful hand painted map.

Debbie's "Diary of Madame Blue,"
the Statue of Liberty,

including construction info and dimensions 
of Madame blue. 

Carolyn's "Last Words."

Rosemary's "Personal Dreamtime"
shows us layers of dreams.

Sophia's "Merit Badge."

May the force be with her!

Kim & Kehau's "How do you Art your Life"
with lovely lei, of course.

Alessandra created this wonderful underwater
collage for the "Fishy, Fishy" book.

Hope's "Life is Full Of Ups and Downs, Along
With a Few Corkscrews" spread. 

Here she celebrates all the ups that she loves.

Pam's "Awkward Ancestors"

They are suffering from split personalities.

lovely outfit!

Su created this wonderful hand painted page,
"Festivus" National Weed your Garden day .

July 2018

Carolyn's "Personal Dreamtime" spread
is inspired by Madame Pele, in recognition 
of recent volcanic activity 
on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Rosemary's "Merit Badge,"
Peace Begins with Me! 

Sophia's  "How Do You Art Your Life" 
shares her love of Pinterest 
as a source of inspiration.

Kim & Kehau's "Fishy, Fishy" spread,
It's A Honu World.

Alessandra's "Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs, Along
With A Few Corkscrews," coasting up and
down in style.

Hope's "Awkward Ancestors" 
Her "phoney" ancestors span the 
many generations of phones.

Grandma was a hard worker.

Su's "Swatches" layout'
Art Day!

Expanding swatches.

Marcy's "Favorites" page includes two of
her favorite things. Glitter and underwater creatures.

Darrell's "Exploration and Discovery" pages
explores the ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs 
discovered on August 16, 2016,
on the leeward coast of Oahu.

Petroglyphs on sandpaper background.

Anna's "Diary of Madame Blue."

"Lead us away from here."

The new colossus.

Debbie's "Last Words"
I am actually a mermaid!

Aug.  2018

Sophia's "Fishy, Fishy" page reports to 
us all that there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Kim & Kehau's "Life is Full of Ups and Downs,
Along With a Few Corkscrews" page explores
the fears and the cheers of life.

Alessandra's "Awkward Ancestor" lived in a penthouse
in New York City with her pet eagle
and goat. 

She also liked to take her pet camel for
walks in central park.

Hope's "Festivus" day is called Rain Day.

Pam got all swatchy on us with her "Swatches" page.

Su has so many "Favorite" things that she needed
five hands, twenty five fingers to list them all. 

Marcy's Exploration and Discovery page takes
us on a Viking journey from Denmark
to Michigan.

Madame Blue writes to Mr. Blue to inform him of her 
upcoming travels, for the "Diary Of Madame Blue" book.

Anna's "Last Words"

Beautiful pop up!

She kicked the oxygen habit!

Debbie's "Personal Dreamtime" spread explores her 
dreams of the sea using aboriginal symbols of water. 

Splish splash.

Carolyn's "Merit Badge" 
reveals her "Master of Hording" justification.

Rosemary's "How Do YOU Art Your Life?"
showing a brain on creativity.

Sept. 2018

Su's "Exploration and Discovery" page
was inspired by her son's adventures on the 
Okeanos, exploring the seas and making
new discoveries.

Marcy's "Diary of Madame Blue".

Darrell's "Last Words" finds him in a pickle.

Hunger got the best of him!

Debbie's "Merit Badge":
List Maker Extraordinaire. 

Carolyn's "How Do You Art Your Life"  
explores finding beauty in the mundane.

Rosemary reels in some classic fish stories
for the "Fishy, Fishy" book.

Sophia follows the yellow brick road with
flats, lifts and kinky boots in the "Life is Full of
Ups and Downs, Along with A Few Corkscrews" book.

Kim & Kehau's Awkward Ancestors.
Should I be lying down for this?

Alessandra's "Festivus" day would replace 
Columbus Day with Geronimo Day.
He was a prominent leader and medicine man 
of the Apache Tribe. 

Hope's "Swatches"

Stitched hand-marbled papers.

Pam's "Favorites" page explores some of
her favorite art techniques.

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