Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Monday, February 13, 2012

Honolulu Altered Books Group Feb. 2012

 Aloha and welcome back to the Honolulu Altered Books Group Blog.
We hope everybody had a happy and healthful holiday season.
We had quite a turn out of very high caliber art for this month's meeting.It was good to see all of our local artist as well as our Island girl Pam Yee, here for her annual visit to our beautiful island.
We have a lot of art for your viewing pleasure so go get a cold drink (west coast) or a hot beverage (east coast) and enjoy this collection of altered art.

Art is made to disturb. Science reassures. There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.

                                                                                                                              Georges Braque

 Lorena takes us to the Twilight zone of Lines and Angles. (Nov. 2011)

 Lindsay plays a game of Cat and Mouse. (Feb 2012)

 Amy takes us on a journey of Paths and Parallel Universes. (Feb 2012)

 More Paths

 More paths.

 Lorena fashions up a very nice layout for the Vision of London,Paris book (Feb 2012)

 Su took the term Cupcake literally. (Feb 2012)

 Pam's Phobia's layout. (Feb 2012)

 Lori Takes us on a Turtle adventure. (Feb 2012)

 Dee displays her found objects in the found objects book (Feb 2012)

 Who else but Deb Z would think of a Mouseternity ward for the
Cat and Mouse book. (Feb 2012)

 Too Funny!

 Lorraine shows us her vision of wings for the Wings Book. (Feb 2012)

 Rosemary takes us on a Journey with Nick Bantock. (Feb 2012)

 Stephanie shares her Joy in the Joy Book. (Feb 2012)

 Fran created a beautiful butterfly page for the Imagine book.

 Rebecca shows us her EYE Phobia. (Nov. 2011)

 Rebecca created a paper doll for this layout for the Victorian Era. (Oct. 2011)

 Rebecca explores embossing in the Alphabetica book. (Sept. 2011)

 Rebecca shows us a Gulf of Mexico sea Turtle. (Aug. 2011)

 Lindsay's layout for the Three wishes Book. (Nov. 2011)

 Lorraine shows us a clever layout for the lines and angles book. (Nov. 2011)

 Corinne gives us a beautiful layout for the Alpabetica Book. (Feb. 2012)

 Corinne put together a great turtle in the Turtle Book. (Nov. 2011)

 Corinne displays this beautiful wings layout. (Sept. 2011)

 Corinne buying the Gelato on her spread for the Wish you were here book. (July 2011)

 Ingrid's Wish you were here layout is out of this world. (Feb 2012)

 Ingrid's vision of Moonscapes.

 Ingrid travels to Paris in the Visions of London and Paris Book. (Oct. 2011)

 Ingrid explores Paths and Parallel Universes. (Sept. 2011)

 Ingrid hops to it in her Imagine layout. (Aug 2011)

 Ingrid explores Xenophoia. Phone Home. (July 2011)

 Ingrid Buttons up her spread for the Victorian Era book. (June 2011)

 Tamara shows us her Three Wishes.(Feb. 2012)

Kathy displays her zentangle Mandala. (Feb 2012)

 Kathy reflects on Joy. (Oct 2011)

 Kathy shows us her free to fly collage. (Sept. 2011)

 Kathy's Cupcakes make me hungry! (Aug. 2011)

 Kathy's zentangle for the circle book. (July 2011)

 Kathy's Journey with Nick Bantock. (June 2011)

 Kathy had no trouble finding things for the Found Objects Book. (May 2011)
 Debbie uses a technique called Bargello in her lines and Angles layout. (Feb 2012)

   Darrell displays Victorian Era trading cards in his Victorian Era spread. (Feb 2012)

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  1. thanks for all of your hard work posting these, some really awesome artwork there.