Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October 2010 Round Robin

What a great turnout for the October AB meeting!

We all enjoyed the stories which explained the process behind such fabulous artwork. The presentation and expression of ideas, history, and techniques by all truly enrich our AB experience.

"Art gropes, it stalks like a hunter lost in the woods, listening to itself and to everything around it, unsure of itself, waiting to pounce."

John W. Gardner

A cougar hides behind the parrot
in Corinne's humorous twist
on Amy's "Cat & Mouse" theme.
"Here Kitty, Kitty!"
Socrates used color, texture, layers, and pull-out tags
to explore many sources of "Joy"
in DebZ's book.
Lorraine created a dimensional, textured mandala
for Rosemary's "Mandalas".
Pam explored a possible itinerary
for "An Unusual Journey with Nick Bantock"
in Socrates' book.

Ingrid revealed a cheerful and colorful dance
in Mike's "Celebrate Life".

Kathy incorporated Hawaiian legend
into her layout for Corinne's "Moonscapes".

Guest Artist Jessica Freeman
shared her vision for a climb across
Lindsay's "Paths & Parallel Universes".

Darrell's BUZZ was inspired
by coasters from British pubs
in Lorena's "Found Objects".

***** Intermission *****

We celebrated Halloween prematurely with
Debbie's Coconut Chocolate cupcakes!

Rosemary explored the letter "D"
in Stephanie's "Alphabetica".

Lorena amazed everyone with her fabulous flag book.
She shared transportation adventures from her recent trip
to Italy for Lorraine's "Free to Fly" AB.
Fran incorporated digital art and explained the
intricacies of fan etiquette
for Dee's book, "The Victorian Era, The Gilded Age".

Dee took us on a tour through Asia,


and Paris in Lori's book.

Lindsay experimented with string art for Pam's "Lines & Angles".

Tamara's Aussie-themed layout
for Darrell's "Wish You Were Here" book.

Su's sketches for Kathy's "Phobias" book.

DebZ designed a beautiful Aboriginal inspired fabric
for Su's "Earth Rhythms".

Lori constructed a pop-out
in Rebecca's "wings" book.

Debbie designed a stained glass window
for Rosemary's "Mandalas" book.

Amy created a Red Velvet Cupcake
for Debbie's "Cupcake Chronicles", then shared
her family's treasured Red Velvet Cupcake recipe.
Rebecca's interpretation for Ingrid's "Circles"

More "Circles".

The Honolulu Altered Book Group

will be on hiatus for the months of November and December,

and will resume meeting in January 2011.

Happy Holidays to all!!!


  1. Absolutely stunning spreads! What fabulous artists you have in this group!

  2. What amazing books. They are just incredible. Fabulous artists is right! thank you for posting the photos, I always await them with bated breath.

  3. I never get tired of studying all the work that everyone produces each round. A monthly 1 1/2 hour meeting just doesn't give us enough time to savor all the beautiful pages of art. Thank you Debbie & Darrell for starting this blog and maintaining it so all of us can continue to admire and be inspired by the artwork created by this very talented group of artists!