Round Robin 2020 #13

Round Robin 2020  #13

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Altered Book Round Robin Meeting July 10, 2010

What a wonderful round robin meeting we had this month. As always
we gathered at Deb Z's Rubber Stamp Plantation for our
monthly meeting. It's just a matter of time before these books are bursting with fantastic art and take on a life of there own.The artwork so far is very inspiring and we can't wait until next month's meeting to come around.
As a reminder to our players who do not live in Hawaii, please be sure to mail your art with plenty of time for the long journey to the islands. Of the nine players who live off island, we only
received art from four players in time for our meeting. We really look forward to sharing all the art during the monthly meeting and getting it posted to the blog.
This month we celebrated birthdays for Lorena and Pam with some yummy Chocolate and coconut
cupcakes made in Debbie's kitchen.
Please enjoy this month's photos and we are looking forward to the next round.

Deb Z worked in the Celebrate life book. Beautiful colors

and layers.

Lindsay did a great job in the Vision of London, Paris, & Asia

Tamara shows us a wonderful interpretation of Paths and

Parallel Universes.

Sue created a awesome watercolor for the Turtle book.

Notice the text to her story inside the Turtle.

Dee Designed a fabulous layout in the Phobias book.

Do you fear the color red?

Lorena Posted a perfect example of a Journey with Nick Bantock

Amy created a heartwarming spread about a dear friend in the Found Objects book.

Rebecca incorporated Alice in Wonderland in her interpretation of Cat and Mouse

Sox designed a fantastic layout (with added humor) in the Circles Book.

Debbie used a transfer technique to display her

recent skydiving adventure.

Stephanie took us on a trip to the Victorian Age(The Gilded Age)

Darrell used Zentangles to camouflage text in his twist

on Lines and Angles.

Text is revealed under transparency film.

Fran uses her vivid imagination in the Earth Rhythms and Morphscapes.

Lori dazzled us with her Moonscapes creation.

Mike says..................Nelson Mandela

Howie Mandela

= twisted Mandalas

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  1. Im so proud to be part of this group. Thank you for posting all these marvelous spreads. Wonderful work and inspiration.